Get ready for the World Wide Launch!

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Get ready for the World Wide Launch!

Get to know Card Effects!

Beware of the crazy beasts that lurking you. Hey, but not only the beasts,  the other hunters are waiting for you too.
You’ll need to choose the best strategy to overcome them. That’s why you should know the different effects that each card adds to your deck. Let’s take a look to 3 important effects that are a must:

Provoke: This ability will help you make, you have your enemy’s attention focus on one beast. It’s important to have ready a very aggressive beast on the battle ground to take advantage of your tank.

Rush: If you feel like having a more aggressive deck, rush is the ideal effect to start hitting from the beginning. Lets you attack right when you place a beast in the field. Hit them hard!

Enrage: This is a killer ability is used wisely. Make this card last! You can use a healing potion, or another card with provoke to get the “enraged” beast at it’s best!

Keep Playing the game, and give us your feedback via KTPlay, be part of the community and help us improve the game!

Good Hunt!


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