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Have fun with Pew Pew, Stuff Dies!

Hello Hunters!

It’s been a while since last development blog, but we’ve been quite busy. Between releasing V.10 of Apocalypse Hunters, and fooling around with different AR technologies and VR, there was time to make a new game.

This game first released in the Hypereal VR Head Set, and then evolve into a more complex and fun mobile game, where you are a space explorer and you have to help Spiky, a space headgehog clean different planets from monsters that have migrated from earth.

Is a Survival FPS where you need to collect chems in order to unlock and upgrade your weapons, and see how long can you resist. We still working on new features like a defense tower that will help you crush your enemies, and health boosters, that will make you resist more hits.

Is a game that still is in development, and we hope to keep improving it and make it more social, making you compete against your friends.

Give it a try and tell us you opinion! Download Here



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