Apocalypse Hunters

Apocalypse Hunters is a mobile game transforming the world in an addictive playground. Terrifying beats escaped from a Secret Laboratory. You are a Hunter and you have to save the world from those creatures. Start hunting and capture as many beasts as possible. Hunt the beasts that are close to you and challenge your friends.

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Platforms: iOS and Android


Spiders AR

You have spiders around you in the real world. Find them following the arrows, then use your net shotgun to immobilize them. Once in the net, you will need to vaccine them shaking your mobile. Be as fast as possible and compete with your friends through a ranking.

Platforms: iOS and Android


World Scavenger

The ground is full of treasures. Move around and scavenge. Digging the ground you will discover human, elves, dwarfs or orcs items. Collect them all and compare your inventory with your friends.

Platforms: iOS and Android

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Ivan Fernandez - Lobo

Founder & Managing Director at GAMELAB

“Geolocation is an awesome tool for gaming. It will help transforming our real world into a huge interactive playground with infinite parallel fantasy universes”

Rafa Gonzalez

General Manager and Founder at CROWD OF MONSTERS

“A passionate team is key to success, and they go all out!”

Alberto Aguilar

Overseas Business Development Manager at ACTIVE GAMING MEDIA

“I see a huge potential for Apocalypse Hunters in terms of new adds to the game: Trading card collection, Pokemon-like evolution, library, etc.”

Nate Barker

Evangelist, Business Development Manager at CHARTBOOST

"The art style is unique and awesome"

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