Our latest game

Apocalypse hunters is a fast-paced location based card game.

Either you just want to collect beasts around your neighborhood or enter a exciting duel against your friends, you’ll have huge amounts of fun.

Build your deck and find the best strategy.

Beat other players, and discover dozens of new beasts in each chapter of the game. Is easy to learn, making it a more casual card game.

Build your base on Apocalypse Hunters, Location Based Game!

Construct and upgrade your camp.

Do it near your house and farm multiple resources in order to upgrade your deck. Walk the nearest store in your neighborhood and collect multiple chems. Keep the good hunt!

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Features That Matter

What we bring to the table

Technological Platform for AR and VR games

A unique technological platform for location based mobile games, Augmented and Virtual Reality

Thanks to our platform we can put quality games on the market at highly competitive prices and in the shortest times. You can save up to 80% of your development time.

New marketing tool

Our games mechanisms allow companies and institutions to attract players on points of sales or interests

We have the technology to add unique game content or virtual reloading zones in specific location based points. This is a new marketing tool for businesses and also a new revenue stream for Game Developers.

Unique features

We innovate and hear the comments of what the players want in a game!

We have outstanding features highly appreciated by gamers like the Interaction with the Weather Forecast, cards trading, Augmented reality (AR), surprise boxes etc. We transform the world into a playground.

Business Gamification

We help business and institutions to attract people on points of sales with solutions and advices

We help businesses regarding location based marketing strategies and offer them solutions and exposures in our games.

Game Programming and Design

Our experienced team does Work for hire for third parties

We cover technical direction, creative direction, programming and production.

Arts Creation

We create specific Art for personalized games

Our team offers illustrations, designs and animations that best match your demand.

Go out and have some fun!

Fast-paced LBS card game!

Mobile Card Game Apocalypse Hunters
Mobile Card Game Apocalypse Hunters
Mobile Card Game Apocalypse Hunters

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Unique CCG with Location Features

Beast are on the loose! With the help of Doctor Youri, you’ll be able to build a base, and start protecting your area.

  • Create your own base.

  • Upgrade your base defenses.

  • Farm more resoursces than your enemies

  • Find special Card Bosses in the city monuments.

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Apocalypse Hunters

Apocalypse Hunters is a mobile game transforming the world in an addictive playground. Terrifying beats escaped from a Secret Laboratory. You are a Hunter and you have to save the world from those creatures. Start hunting and capture as many beasts as possible. Hunt the beasts that are close to you and challenge your friends.

Platforms: iOS and Android

Spiders AR

You have spiders around you in the real world. Find them following the arrows, then use your net shotgun to immobilize them. Once in the net, you will need to vaccine them shaking your mobile. Be as fast as possible and compete with your friends through a ranking.

Platforms: iOS and Android

World Scavenger

The ground is full of treasures. Move around and scavenge. Digging the ground you will discover human, elves, dwarfs or orcs items. Collect them all and compare your inventory with your friends.

Platforms: iOS and Android


“A passionate team is key to success, and they go all out!”

Rafa Gonzalez, General Manager and Founder at CROWD OF MONSTERS

“Geolocation is an awesome tool for gaming. It will help transforming our real world into a huge interactive playground with infinite parallel fantasy universes”

Ivan Fernandez - Lobo, Founder & Managing Director at GAMELAB

“I see a huge potential for Apocalypse Hunters in terms of new adds to the game: Trading card collection, Pokemon-like evolution, library, etc.”

Alberto Aguilar, Overseas Business Development Manager at ACTIVE GAMING MEDIA

“The art style is unique and awesome”

Nate Barker, Evangelist, Business Development Manager at CHARTBOOST

Who Are We

Philosophy We Strive For

Apocalypse Hunters is a location based mobile games company. Apocalypse Hunters developed a location based navigation platform working with different IP’s and Arts. Initial project came out a Technology Entrepreneurship course from Stanford University. The company won a price from the European Space Agency for mixing geolocation with game mechanisms.

Want to JOIN the team?

Developer – Intern

Do you meet the following criterias?

  • Strong knowledge in Java Script and/or Unity
  • Passion for video games
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English (Spanish and French are a plus)
  • Ambitious, creative, confident, self-motivated and responsible team player
  • Past gaming development experience is an asset

Mobile Game Artist/ Designer – Intern

Applicants must include a link to their portfolio in their resume to be considered. The Concept Artist Intern will be working with the Art Director and Producer, creating art and assets for the game and the business around it.

Do you meet the following criterias?

  • Communicate effectively and proactively with other team members
  • Illustration skills
  • Adaptive attitude
  • Be able to follow and adapt to stylistic guidelines set by the Lead Artist
  • Outstanding skills in Photoshop, Painter or comparable 2D software packages
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English (Spanish and French are a plus)

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Team Members

Nicolas De Kerchove

CEO – Producer

Mobile App entrepreneur
Brussels School of Management (ICHEC)
Technology Entrepreneurship (Stanford)

Joel Mendez Rios - Designer

Joel Méndez

Art Director
Game Designer
Graphic Designer


Johnny Beernaerts

Lead Developer
Unity, JavaScript
Game Building


Pascal de Ghellinck

IT Solutions Architect
Senior IT Consultant
IT Infrasturcture Specialist


Sophie Roch

Unity, JavaScript
Game Building

Olivier Gobeaux

Unity, JavaScript
Game Building

Alejandro Garcia – Mentor

CFO AB-Biotics
M&A Advisors – Investor Relation Manager
IESE Business School.

Bruno Urbain – Mentor

CEO Fishing Cactus – Belgian biggest game development studio

Hervé Gengler – Mentor

Senior Game Designer and Monetization Expert

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